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Dr Ian Hogben

Qualifications: B.Sc., B.V.M.S. (1st Class Honours) - Principal Veterinarian

I graduated as a veterinarian in 1988 and have never looked back! What a great job: I feel privileged everyday to not only work in this wonderful field, but to also see and provide assistance to our pet owners AND their menagerie of pets!

I work with a great team of vets and nurses, including my lovely wife Ali, which makes each day a joy.

We have two children, Ella and Angus (both now in their can time pass THAT quickly??) and many of you may remember our humble beginnings when Ali and I lived in the vet practice, with our 3 month old Ella in a bassinet behind the reception desk.

Our puppy, Occy, already loves camping and running at the beach and parks... and harassing our cats -  Lulu and Schubert (Vocal Brown and Lilac Burmese!).

My interests in vet are broad  - I love surgery and am responsible for orthopaedic, joint and soft tissue surgeries. Complex medical cases, new and updated procedures, but most of all it is working in a 'well-oiled-team' that understand each other AND our patients...AND their owners!

I look forward to either meeting you or seeing you again.


Dr Ella Carapetis

Qualifications - Bsc (VB) DVM. 

I graduated in Bachelor of Health Sciences (First Class Honours in Pathology) where I developed an interest for research 

and passion in Veterinary Medicine. This inspired me to undertake further study and graduate from one of the first classes of the University of Adelaide Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program.  I did several weeks of placement at Findon whilst completing my degree and joined the team in early 2016.

My interests include internal medicine and dentistry. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever ‘Flynn’, cooking and planning for the next holiday with my husband, Will. 

Dr Andrea Richardson 

Qualifications - B.Sc., B.V.M.S.

I  graduated from Murdoch University in Perth in 2008. I spent myfirst few years as a vet working at a very busy pet reproduction clinic in Perth. During these years I hand-raised a litter of rottweiler puppies and multiple kittens.  After that I travelled around Australia with my partner in a campervan, working as a locum vet along the way in 3 other states and gained some invaluable experience.

I have also worked in 2 different emergency vet clinics. My special interests include ultrasonography, reproduction and medicine. My very special fur-baby, Neville, (a shar pei x labrador) came to me in Townsville, along with his 3 sisters at the very young age of 2 weeks old, full of ticks, fleas and worms! Neville's cat Nigel (who thinks he's a dog) came joined our family in 2015. At home, Andi has one THREE energetic, young sons. - NB: Congratulations to Andrea and her partner Brett who have recently welcomed a beautiful pair of twin boys into their home!

Dr Graham Mckenzie

Qualifications - B.V.M.S.

fter graduating from the University of Glasgow in 2009, I spent a short time working in the UK before moving to Adelaide on what was supposed to be a working holiday for a year. I met my wife, and I've pretty much been here ever since!

While working in Adelaide, I spent two years working as a shelter vet at the RSPCA. As such, I have a passion for animal welfare, and an insight into the merits of desexing. The rest of my time has been spent in private practice.

I love being a vet, and I feel very lucky to have such an interesting and varied career. I'm particularly interested in surgery, and I recently completed an intensive year-long course on the subject.

I live with my dog, Jack, a purebred Heinz 57. In my spare time I enjoy distance running (especially trail) and stand up paddleboarding. I like to go snowboarding when I can, but it's proven a little difficult over the last few years! 

I look forward to meeting you and your pet soon!

Dr.Samantha Tindal

Qualifications - B.Sc., B.V.M.S.

I graduated from the then brand new Adelaide University Vet Degree in 2013. I packed my bags and moved to rural NSW and worked in mixed practice for four years. There I got to see everything from pet dogs and cats to stock and horses right through to wedge tailed eagles. I returned home to Adelaide to join the Seaton and Findon Veterinary family at the start of 2017.

I have a keen interest in medicine and diagnostic imaging (x-rays and ultrasound) and in particular I enjoy working with ‘exotic’ pets.

Outside of work I love to go camping and scuba diving and looking after my menagerie of animals. I currently have a retired racing greyhound called Smurf, a greyhound cross called Azrael, a colony of rats, five pythons, a bearded dragon and a shingleback, but it won’t take me long to add to that!

Dr Jovene Lee

Qualifications - B.Sc., B.V.M.S.

Dr Krista Winter

Qualifications -  B.Sc, B.Sc (VB),  DVM

I graduated from the Flinders University in 2010 with an Extended Major in Biological Sciences, minoring in Zoology. From there, it was certain that I had to further develop my skills in veterinary medicine and I went on to complete both Veterinary Bioscience and Doctors of Veterinary Medicine Degrees at Adelaide University, graduating in 2016. Throughout Veterinary school and 2 years post-graduation I worked in a small animal, avian and exotic clinic in Adelaide before starting at Findon and Seaton Vet Group. I have experience in hand raising many Australian wildlife species including my own rainbow lorikeet ‘Buddy.’  In the coming years I have keen interest in developing both my feline and imaging abilities with the hope of completing at graduate certificate in abdominal ultrasound. 

Our fur family consists of our beautiful 57kg Bernese Mountain Dog Aurora, our ratbag of a Beaglier named Apollo, and our curious rescue kitty Milo.

My husband Chris and I are very excited to be soon introducing a little girl to our family but hope to return to the vet group in the not too distant future. 

Dr Jena Andrews

Qualifications - B.Sc.(VB),  DVM

I graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2017, fulfilling my life’s dream of becoming a veterinarian. During my studies I undertook work placement at Findon and Seaton Vets and absolutely loved it! I was thrilled to land the job here after working at another small animal clinic as a new graduate – the Findon and Seaton team are amazing!

I have a keen interest in soft tissue surgery and delight in the feeling that my skills help people’s beloved pets bounce back to good health. I also love connecting with owners and their beautiful animals during consultations and advocating for good mental health among the veterinary profession.

I have an adorable DMH cat called Artemis who we adopted over a year ago when she was just 6 weeks old after she was found in someone’s driveway. She can be very cheeky but loves a good snuggle on the couch which works for me!

Aside from snuggling with our kitty, I also enjoy delving into a good book, trying lots of different cuisines, and travelling the world with my partner William.


Veterinary Nurses


Head Veterinary Nurse and Administration

I had a love and passion for animals from a very young age which stemmed from my uncle having a farm and me spending all my school holidays there. My love for animals grew and once I finished year 12, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I became a Veterinary Nurse and have been doing this for 22 years.I have been working here at the Findon Vet Surgery for 18 year and work part time.  I love my job and enjoy all apsects of being a Nurse, caring and helping animals and their owners. If I could, I would have a minagery at home but only have a Staffy called Tess, a budgie called Lewie and some gold fish and two young active girls, which keep me busy enough!


Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV) and Administration, Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital 1983 - 1987, Cotesloe Small Animal and Specialist Hospital 1987 - 1990

I began vet nursing in 1982 in Adelaide before heading over to Perth with Ian where he did his veterinary studies. Whilst there I completed my Cert 4 Vet Nursing qualifications and worked at the Murdoch University Veterinary Faculty and Hospital. Apart from enjoying the challenge of working with all manner of veterinary lecturers and specialists, I thoroughly enjoyed working with a fantastic range of animals, not only horses, cattle, dogs, cats and birds, BUT zoo animals as well, including anaesthetising a lion and a bull seal (which had the WORST fish breath you could imagine!!!).

Whilst still in Perth, I was lucky enough to be offered a position at the Cottesloe Specialist and Referral Small Animal Hospital as their head vet nurse. Working in a private practice, with specialists, was a new experience as well. Hectic and fulfilling!

In 1991 Ian and I opened the Findon Vet Surgery together, with our 3 month old daughter Ella in a bassinet behind the reception desk. We also LIVED on the premises as we couldn't afford to even rent a house, and soon our son Angus entered our lives...and from there we built up three practices! Very hard work, but all small business owners would appreciate this!! We are now back to one and original surgery and I have returned to work and am loving it! I cannot imagine a more fun yet professional group of co-workers and I am thankful for their wonderful experience, and also meeting all of our old clients again, and the many new ones!

I love horse riding, the beach, travelling and outback adventuring - and most of all my family, which includes Jack our 14 year old Border Collie, and two Burmese, Lulu and Shubert.


Veterinary Nurse Cert IV, AVBS Accredited Puppy Preschool Trainer (AVBS: Adelaide Veterinary Behavioural Specialist)

I grew up in rural Kangaroo Island, later moving to the Yorke Peninsula.

I started nursing in May of 2012 and have never looked back. 

I have a staffy (Ivy), two devon rex cats (Delilah and Archer) whom I love dearly, despite how notoriously naughty they all are. I have previously been a foster carer for the RSPCA, mainly focussing on neonatal kittens, though I don't do it through the RSPCA any more, the number of cats in my house tends to fluctuate in kitten season with abondoned kittens in need of love. 

When I'm working, I like to explore the world with my other half - camping or travelling where ever I can. I enjoy making and listening to music, spending time down the beach, reading a book or watching The Simpsons for the millionth time. 



Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

I finished my certificate IV in veterinary nursing through TAFE SA in 2015 and it has been probably the best thing I ever did! 

Previously to that I did experiment with a few different courses trying to see which was the best fit, but I always seemed to come back to a career with animals, that's when I knew that veterinary nursing was for me.

I have volunteered at the Animal Welfare League in 2015 as a dog trainer and companion which I thoroughly enjoyed and gained quite a lot of knowledge and experience there

I joined the lovely team here at Findon and Seaton vets in March of 2016 and haven't looked backed since! When I'm not at work, I have a little Chihuahua, Arnie, and a cat, Luna, who definitely keep me quite busy. I love spending time with family and friends, traveling the world and exploring Adelaide, in which most cases Arnie tends to join, but still has his favourite spot on the beach.


Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

I started nursing early 2008 and have worked in a few vet hospitals in various suburbs of Adelaide before joining the team at Seaton and Findon vets in late 2015. I love pretty much all aspects of the job but have particular interests in critical patient care, post operative rehabilitation and geriatric care.. my favourite patients, (apart from cheeky terriers) are the sweet dribbley old cats! 


Outside work I enjoy spending time with my partner and our three fur babies, Myrtle our cheeky but loveable Border Terrier, and Arnie and Teddy our two older cats who I hand raised in my first year of nursing. My hobbies and interests include camping, anything outdoors, art, films and .. whales!! 



Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

I joined the team at Findon and Seaton in October of 2016 and split my time between us 

here being a ‘Pack Leader’ at the local Dogcity Daycare.

I grew up on a farm, previously owning ducks, chicken, sheep and mice, but for now I devotemy time to my little terriers, Buddy and Oakley.

I am just starting to learn how to run Puppy Pre-Schools and Puppy Socials here at Seaton and hope to eventually run them on my own. 


Veterinary Nurse Cert IV

I grew up on a farm in the Riverland which had a variety of animals. I’ve always known I wanted to work with animals but it wasn’t until my final year of school that vet nursing became my dream. I started nursing in 

2016 and feel privileged to start my

career at the Findon and Seaton Vet Clinic’s due to their high standard of care and friendly atmosphere.

I currently have two dogs, Nero who is a very cuddly Golden Retriever X and Layla who is more a playful, independent Siberian Husky.

When I’m not at work I love to spend my time walking my dogs, traveling to the snow, relaxing with friends and spending time at the beach.





Veterinary Nurse, Cert IV

I began working as a vet nurse in 2011 and am very proud to be part of a dedicated and supportive team who have an obvious passion for caring for you and your pet.

As I child I had a big fat black Labrador called Katy who would have benefited from a weight loss program! She was a very loyal happy go lucky girl who shared our household with our cat called Amy. I was always bringing home additional house guests from baby birds to lost dogs and have always had an affinity and passion for ensuring animals in need receive the care they deserve. I now live on four acres with my husband Steve. Our gorgeous non-fur children Sarah and Ross have grown up and left home and we are now owned by five Bullmastiffs (Melia “Princess Meils” ,  Murphy “Spuddles Duddles”, Emi, Inca and Saffron).

In my spare time I attend public displays and compete with my fur kids in Obedience, Rally O and Conformation (showing) and have even managed to recently get my husband into the show ring where he is doing really well.

Some of the fun things we have achieved include:

·  Being up on stage with Dr Harry at the Animal Expo

·  Having many firsts (and a second!) including

·         First Bullmastiff in Australia to be awarded a
Rally Novice (RN) title.

·         First female Bullmastiff in Australia to obtain a
Companion Dog (CD) title.

·         First female Bullmastiff in Australia to be awarded a Community Companion Dog (CCD) title.

·         Second female Bullmastiff in Australia to be awarded a Community Companion Dog (CCD) title.

·  Class in Show and Class in Group wins in the conformation ring.

·  Australian Champion titles

While we enjoy competing, our “fur kids” are first and foremost beloved members of our family and I look forward to caring fyou and your pets with the same dedication and care that I do my own.




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