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No Consult Fee unless treatment or service provided

The Findon Vet Surgery, Adelaide, introduced this much appreciated service for pet owners into South Australia! It is now also available at our Seaton Vet Centre.

We believe No Consult Fee unless treatment or service provided creates a unique opportunity for pet owners to provide the best vet care they can by removing the financial worry about unnecessary vet fees and thereby encouraging regular checks of all suspected problems, no matter how trivial they may seem at the time.


The benefit to pets and their owners is fantastic, and gratifying to us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our philosophy behind our No consult fee unless treatment or services provided policy is:

  • To encourage pet owners to seek our advice on all their pet’s problems no matter how trivial.
  • To provide options for the treatment of any problem found, without obligation, so that pet owners can make an un-pressured, un-biased, informed decision.
  • To thereby encourage pet owners to have their pet checked as soon as they can when a problem is found, before it becomes difficult and expensive fo treat, and so provide a much better prognosis (and likely a better outcome).
  • To allay pet owner's worries if nothing is found to be wrong.
  • To not charge a consult fee when nothing is found to be wrong, or a problem requires no treatment (maybe a wound thats’ going to heal on its own, or a benign lump that just needs watching)
  • To not charge a consult fee when a client seeks our advice yet decides against having any treatment or other service provided even if we advise it, as we sincerely believe it is important that all pet owners have the option of considered veterinary advice following a thorough clinical emination.
  • To provide the best pet care and veterinary service to pet owners that we can.

A Standard Consult Fee Applies whenever a treatment or sevice (see below) is provided.

  • We guarantee that your pet will receive a thorough, complete veterinary consultation and that you will be given an estimate for treatments in a consultation or as close an estimate as possible for more extensive procedures (like surgery or hospitalisation) and that we will not proceed without your informed consent to do so.
  • You may, at times, wish to go home without any treatment and think over the options that we have given you, or to discuss these with someone else. You will not be charged a Consult Fee at that time. If you decide to ‘go ahead' with one of our options and you return to pick the treatments or have your pet attended to by us, you will be charged the consult fee then.
  • Management of various pet conditions usually requires a revisit to monitor treatment, to adjust or add to treatments, or to decide if no further treatments or tests are required They are an integral part of your pet 's treatment and a Revisit Fee is charged.
  • If you have a consultation by one of our vets, and you decline treatment and return later for a second consultation and then proceed with treatment, you are only charged for that one consultation.
  • All Exotics consultations are considered a service because the vast majority of problems encountered in exotics is due to their home management, including housing and environment and diet. Thus an extended time is required to cover the details of this and then provide detailed advice and this is considered to be a significant service. Even though it usually takes an extended consultation time to complete an exotics consultation, only a routine consultation fee is charged. Handouts may also be given out on relevant issues.
  • Exotics include all non-dog and cat species: Birds, Reptiles, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Rodents, Amphibians and Fish.

Examples of services includes all veterinary services

  • eg. Surgery, X-rays, Utrasound, Laboratoy Tests, Dentistry, Diagnostic Procedures/Tests, Injections, Dispensing Medicatons, Acupuncture, Specalist Referrals, Prescriptions, Revists, 6 month Medication Consuslt, Treating Lesions (eg Draining Abscesses, Clipping and Treating Skin Sores, Removing Foreign Bodies from Mouths and other Areas etc), Sedation, Anaesthesia, Hospitalisation, Behavioural Consultation, Euthanasia etc.
    Please ask for more details if you are unsure or have any questions.

  • Treatments include medications (injections, tablets and suspensions/drops), prescription diets and shampoos, topical skin and ear treatments and cleansers, oral/dietary supplements, veterinary attention (eg in emergencies, critical care, resuscitation), Intravenous treatments, physical therapy, and more. Both lists are only examples, again, if you have any questions please contact one of our surgeries.

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