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Occy's VET

We have a NEW Youtube Channel called "Occy's Vet" (Yes, that's me... Dr Ian!) and I will be bringing you interesting and useful TIPS on pet care & training, on travelling & camping with your amazing dog, my adventures with Occy (a Smooth Coated Tri-colour Border Collie), plus thought provoking ideas and more interesting cases & surgeries ... 

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR DOG'S EYES and make your own Saline Eye Wash

CLICK on this LINK to watch the video.



Seaton Vet Centre 

NOW OPEN 7 Days!

       Sundays from 9am to 1pm     

 *** ONLY a $30.00 SUNDAY SURCHARGE ***

  • Sunday Consult $99.90     ( = $69.90  + $30 Surcharge)
  • Sunday Dog C5 Vaccination $119.90      ($89.90 + $30)
  • Sunday Cat F3 Vaccination $109.90       ($79.90 + $30)
  • Sunday Anal Gland express $61.50        ($31.50 + $30)



The Seaton Vet Centre is unique. It has been established to add value to the vet care that pets owners receive for their pets, while providing a range of services not seen in Adelaide before, at a reasonable price - and all in a modern, new, bright, spacious and clean environment.

The Seaton Vet Centre is a direct extension of our Findon Vet Surgery, adhering to the same high quality of service, and unsurpassed veterinary care in Adelaide’s Western Suburbs.

Our expansion also means we are able to offer more services that you may have needed referral for previously - saving you time and money.

We also are unique in that we can individually cater for a greater variety of pet, ensuring less stress to pet and owner, and better outcomes from treatment. From our separate cat clinic entrance, waiting, reception, and consulting rooms ... To spacious hospital care cages, giant breed dog runs, large breed rehabilitation and safe ceiling lifts for special care of our big-BIG dogs!

Our cat, dog and isolation wards are insulated (sound and heat) and our cat boarding has individual ventilation and air extraction for each suite, ensuring a comfortable and healthy stay (no air-borne viruses can spread from suite to suite!).

Our Isolation ward has separate rear-door accessibility to ensure ALL infectious/contagious hospital cases are truly isolated, and do not have to be carried through/past our hospitalised or surgical patients (who are at a heightened risk of infection), or even through our waiting room full of healthy pets!

Our puppy centre is a one-of-a-kind in Adelaide as well! With puppy-friendly internal fencing to allow socialisation of timid puppies - or boisterous puppies - and large or tiny puppies - with safe interactions that are so important in this age group. Coupled with a large TV for multi-media presentations, a private enclosed patio, and even a servery for those special occasions or post-seminar gatherings.

Also, our understanding of “Final Care” and the immediate grieving and need of many of us to spend time with our pet both before and after humane euthanasia stands us apart. We have all been through this, and are keenly aware that everyone is different in how we come to terms with this decision - a decision that is always in the best interest of our pets. Our room is private, has a private entry and exit, and we give you time. The time you need.

The Seaton Vet Centre is for you and your pets. We look forward to giving you a tour of Adelaide's new vet centre and caring for your pets the best we can!


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