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Caesarian Section

We are proficient at caesarean section surgeries at the Findon Vet Surgery!

CLICK here to see Bella's caesarean section surgery here at Findon, complete with photos of puppies being delivered. You will get some idea of the excitement and delight of a C-section in a dog!

Caesareans are occasionally necessary, and sometimes as an emergency procedure. When we perform a caesarean, all available staff are on-hand to help, because it doesn't take long from the beginning of the surgeical incision until puppies or kittens arrive. This part of the surgery is done as efficiently and quickly as possible and several steps are taken immediately prior to this to maximise the safety and survival of the puppies and littens.

Where DID all these little critters come from??? I drifted off to sleep..."Nek minut" I'm a milk factory for a bundle of (yes, I'll admit they are very cute!) puppies!!!

To ensure the best outcome for live and thriving puppies and kittens, the mother is placed on IV fluids and the premedication injetion is a mix of drugs that have a minimal depressant effect on the puppies' breathing and heart function. Immediately prior to the main anaesthetic injection, an oxygen mask is placed on the mother-to-be, to hyper-oxygenate her blood because after the anaesthetic is give, her systems are temporarily depressed and this enhances the likelyhood the unborn puppies will not be starved of oxygen at any time.

The patient's abdomen is clipped of hair or fur while she is awake, so that there is much less time between her getting the anaesthetic injection and the puppies coming out!

The induction of the full general anaesthetic is also kept to the minimum dose of a very safe anaesthetic, one that just allows us to intubate (place the breathing tube into the mother's windpipe) and connect to the gas anaesthetic. Within a couple of minutes, the first of the litter has arrived - we are THAT QUICK! The umbilical cords are clamped a few cms from the puppy's or litten's abdomen. And immediately all staff are on hand to receive the pups or kittens, rub and dry them , which stimulates their breathing. Suction os applied to remove any fluid from the mouth area.

The puppies or kittens are placed in a warmed container with blankets or towels and constantly monitored. the squawks, mews, and a variety of other joyous sounds soon fills the room smiley

While all the attention is on the newborn, the vet continues with the surgery, stitching up the uterus (or performing an ovariohysterectomy - a spey - if the decision has been made not to have any more litters), and stitching up her abdomen and skin.

The mother patient is usually awake only a minute or so from the last suture being placed! Within a short time the puppies or kittens are suckling their first meal from mum...THEN we get to hand over the new family to their owners who then have all the fun and hardwork until homes are found for the new arrivals in 8-12 weeks time. smiley

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